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C-470 Corridor Environmental Assessment Financial Information

The Financial Analysis and Implementation Committee (FAIC) was formed in the Spring of 2005 to provide input to both the Colorado Department of Transportation and the Federal Highway Administration on the various approaches examined for financing the C-470 Corridor build alternatives. The FAIC consisted of elected officials and representatives of all cities and counties along the Corridor, as well as various agencies that have been involved throughout the entire C-470 Corridor Environmental Assessment process.

Several financing approaches were explored over three separate meetings of the Committee, including the use of toll revenues, and the idea of forming a Regional Transportation Authority. The following links provide the information presented and examined throughout the series of FAIC meetings. The last link below provides information refined from the final FAIC meeting, used to demonstrate the financial feasibility of the Tolled Express Lanes Alternative.

Cover Memo
Membership and Contact List
Table of Contents
The Osprey Group Report

Operating Agreements
Technical Information
Page 1 - Schedule
Page 2 - Alternative Information
Page 3 - Environmental Considerations
Page 4 - Typical Sections
Page 5 - Access Map
Page 6 - Santa Fe Visual Exhibit
Page 7 - Cost Estimates
Page 8 - Enhancements Costs
Page 9 - Tolling Assumptions
Page 10 - Alternative Life-Cycle Costs

1st Meeting 4-28-05
Meeting Summary

2nd Meeting 7-10-05
Meeting Summary
Executive Summary Revenue Analysis

Revenue Analysis
Revenue Analysis Summary Table
Sales & Use Tax Revenue Summary Table
Creating a Stand-Alone Toll Financing
Start-up Toll Facilities - Financing Considerations Presentation

3rd Meeting 7-22-05
Meeting Summary

C-470 FAQs 7-20-05
Express Lanes Usage by County

South Metro Denver Chamber of Commerce Letter
SE Business Partnership Letter
Jefferson Economic Council Letter

Douglas County Memorandum
Regional Transportation Authority Information
Regional Transportation Authority Information Spreadsheet
Traffic and Revenue Refinements
Financial Feasibility Analysis

Financial Feasibility Analysis Spreadsheets

Refined Analysis March 2006
Final 3-10-06 Financial Analysis Summary
Final 3-10-06 Financial Analysis Spreadsheet

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