Public Open House October 2003

October 7th, 8th and 9th

Station 1: Welcome and C-470 Corridor Project Introduction
Information Stations

Station 2: Our Process / Schedule
Organization Chart*
Project Schedule*
The Projects - Environmental Assessment & Express Lane Feasibility Study*

Station 3: Existing Environmental Conditions In the Corridor
Traffic Volumes**
Levels Of Service - Definitions*
Levels Of Service**

Environmental Conditions Map
Viewable in five segments - west to east
Map 1** - Approximately Sunset Ridge to Waterton Sub-Station
Map 2** - Approximately Waterton Sub-station to Chatfield Reservoir
Map 3** - Approximately Chatfield State Park to Northridge Community Park
Map 4** - Approximately Northridge Community Park to Welte Park
Map 5** - Approximately Welte Park to Inverness Metro District Park

Station 4: Aerial Map
Aerial Map (large map of project area for people to write issues on)

Station 5: National Environmental Protection Act Process
National Environmental Protection Act Process - NEPA*
Environmental Resources*

Station 6: Families of Solutions
No Action - FAQ & Definition*
Mobility Enhancements*
General Purpose Lanes*
General Purpose Lanes - FAQ*
Express Lanes - Definition*
Express Lanes - FAQ*
Express Lanes*
Transit - FAQ & Definition*

Station 7: Alternatives Development Process
Alternative Development Process*

Station 8: Next Steps In The Process
Next Steps*

Station 9: How To Stay Involved...We Want To Hear From You!
Public Involvement*