CO 13 Roadway Reinforcement Between Rifle & Meeker

Project Facts

  • Cost: $1.25 million
  • Contractor: United Companies
  • Timeline: June 11 - July 2018
  • Location: On CO 13, from mile points 20.7 to 36.2
CO 13 Roadway Reinforcement Work Map.jpg

From Monday, June 11 through late July 2018, crews on this project reinforced about 16 miles of Colorado Highway 13 in Rio Blanco County using two roadway sealing methods—chip seal and fog seal—to ensure the durability of the highway.

Specific improvements on this stretch between Rifle and Meeker included:

  • spraying the full depth of the road with a special liquid-oil solution to protect it and provide durability (fog seal);
  • apply a special material to travel lanes on CO 13 to provide a moisture barrier, and skid- and deterioration resistance (chip seal);
  • patching;
  • installing rumble strips; and
  • adding pavement markings.