Reevaluation of the Environmental Assessment

As a result of the environmental assessment (EA) process, in 1997, CDOT received a finding of no significant impact (FONSI) for the Powers Boulevard and Research Parkway Interchange project.

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Powers Boulevard Extension North - Environmental Assessment, July 1997
Powers Boulevard Extension North - Finding of No Significant Impact - Jan. 1998

Reevaluation of Environmental Assessments

  • A responsible entity must reevaluate its environmental findings to determine if the original findings are still valid, when:
    • The recipient proposes substantial changes in the nature, magnitude or extent of the project, including adding new activities not anticipated in the original scope of the project;
    • There are new circumstances and environmental conditions which may affect the project or have a bearing on its impact, such as concealed or unexpected conditions discovered during the implementation of the project or activity which is proposed to be continued; or
    • The recipient proposes the selection of an alternative not in the original finding.
  • If the original findings are still valid but the data or conditions upon which they were based have changed, the responsible entity must affirm the original findings and update its ERR by including this re-evaluation and its determination based on its findings.
  • If the responsible entity determines that the original findings are no longer valid, it must prepare an EA or an EIS if its evaluation indicates potentially significant impacts.

CDOT must implement the Powers and Research grade-separated interchange solution following a reevaluation of any changes that have taken place within the area since. The project includes a reevaluation of the planned interchange design to accommodate changes in conditions and simultaneous design of the Fairfax Pond (federal stormwater discharge facility in the northwest quadrant of the project).