Mission & Goals


The mission of the project is to deliver a design for a multi-modal transportation project that is a model for Colorado Springs. We will respect community and environmental values, while improving safety and mobility by engaging in an inclusive and transparent process that is widely supported and manages expectations.


  • Deliver a project that is a model for Colorado Springs by enhancing mobility;
  • Develop an innovative interchange solution that is of appropriate scale, respects community values and environmental resources, and meets the various stakeholders' needs;
  • Allow inclusive and transparent stakeholder involvement in the development and selection of alternatives;
  • Improve local traffic flow;
  • Improve safety for motorists, transit riders, cyclists and pedestrians within the project limits;
  • Avoid, minimize and mitigate adverse impacts to the local businesses and surrounding environmental resources—ultimately improving existing conditions;
  • Deliver a project that is economically and physically feasible; and
  • Incorporate sustainability principles and practices into the decision-making process, and the design and construction of future improvements.