History & Timeline

In 2017, CDOT embarked on a three-phase project to make the intersection of Colorado Highway (CO) 340 and Redlands Parkway safer by paving sections of the roadway and constructing a roundabout. See the phasing plans.

Why a Roundabout?

From 2010 to 2015, there have been 28 accidents at the CO 340 and Redlands Parkway intersection. The vast majority of these involved rear-end and left-turning accidents.

Roundabout-type intersections are extremely effective at reducing these types of accidents. Learn more about the safety benefits of roundabouts.

Project History & Timeline


Mesa County embarks on an initiative to provide improved bike and pedestrian facilities.

Resulting projects:

  • Limekiln Gulch Pedestrian Bridge (Construction in 2015)
  • Red Canyon Pedestrian Bridge and sidewalk, Vista Grande to Mesa Grande (Construction in 2016)
  • Sidewalk construction from Kansas Avenue to Vista Grande Drive (Construction in 2017)

The City of Grand Junction begins preliminary design on the CO 340 (Broadway) and Redlands Parkway Intersection Improvements project (roundabout).

Project Goal:
Provide roundabout design that will effectively handle future projected traffic volumes, enhance the aesthetics of the intersection and significantly improve safety for all users.


Ourston Roundabout Engineering (nationally acclaimed roundabout experts) hired to review traffic projections and evaluate roundabout configuration


Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) secures safety improvement funding for final design and construction of roundabout.

Funding Requirements:
CDOT funding source is available only for a roundabout-type intersection due to the associated safety benefits.


CDOT hires Muller Engineering Company to complete the final design and construction documents.

Continuity of Design:
Ourston Roundabout Engineering (now GHD) continues to provide roundabout expertise.


CDOT project will resurface several portions of CO 340 between Rimrock Drive and East Greenwood Drive.


CDOT project will resurface CO 340 (with ADA improvements) from approximately East Greenwood Drive to just west of Redlands Parkway (construction to be coordinated with Roundabout project if possible).

Roundabout construction


Project complete