Safety Benefits of Roundabouts

  • Statistically, roundabouts are vastly safer than conventional signalized intersections*:
    • 35% reduction in all accidents
    • 78% reduction in fatal and injury accidents
    • 89% reduction in accident-related pedestrian injuries
  • Unlike a signalized intersection, roundabouts don't force drivers to stop when there is no traffic. Motorists are only required to stop when there is conflicting traffic.
  • With fewer stops and hard accelerations, less time idling means reduced pollution and fuel use.
  • They require no electronic operation, which results in operational cost savings.
  • They complement other community values with quieter operation and are aesthetically more pleasing.


In the past five years, there have been no fatal accidents at roundabouts in CDOT's Northwestern region (Region 3).

* Source: FHWA-SA-07-015 Crash Reduction Factors Sept 2007