CO 71 Roadway Reinforcement South of Last Chance

Project Facts

  • Cost: $987,000
  • Contractor: A-1 Chipseal Company
  • Timeline: May-June 2018
  • Location: On CO 71 (aka, CO 71D) from mile points 123 to 138, south of Last Chance, in Lincoln and Washington counties
CO 71 between mile points 123 and 125

For this weeks-long project, crews will re-inforce 15 miles of Colorado Highway 71 south of Last Chance in Lincoln and Washington counties by applying protective materials to the road, also known as chip seal and fog seal. Crews will also apply this material to the highway's shoulders and will stripe CO 71.

Chip seal provides a barrier against moisture, uses gravel to ensure skid resistance and prevents deterioration.

Fog seal, on the other hand, is an oily product sprayed onto the road to improve its durability.

CO 71 Last Chance map