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CO 72 Coal Creek Canyon Culvert
New Culvert under MP 16
Downstream Channel Work

CO 72 news guardrail barrier
SH72 1
CO 72 Winter 2019

CO 72 Site Locations
MP 14 culvert prior to switch.jpg
crews install steel plates to new culvert.JPG



new culvert construction MP 16.JPG
finished culvert MP 14.jpg

Closeup of finished culvert at MP 14.jpg

Wide shot finished culvert MP 14.JPG

new paving at MP 14 post culvert replacement.jpg

Roadway at MP 24 just prior to reopening.jpg

Culvert work progress at MP 16.jpg

Backfill progress at MP 16.jpg

Closeup of finished culvert at MP 14 (2).jpg

Finished culvert at MP 16.jpg