CO 13 Garfield County Rio Blanco Hill Widening

Project Complete!

The Colorado Department of Transportation, in partnership with W.W. Clyde, is proud to announce the successful completion of a 3.5-mile widening project on Colorado Highway 13, from Mile Point 12.78 to MP 16.18, located 11 miles northwest of Rifle in Garfield County. The project commenced in April 2024. Wider lanes were created for safe passing with pullouts added for slower vehicles. The improvements were designed to give motorists wider roads during inclement weather and periods of heavier traffic.

Construction of the wildlife underpass improved safety on CO 13 by reducing the potential for animal-vehicle collisions. Drainage work was completed to accommodate higher rainfall accumulations and lower the risks associated with flooding to maintain safe driving conditions. The resurfacing was carried out to achieve smoother pavement and enhance driving conditions. The guardrail was replaced to prevent vehicles from leaving the roadway.

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Project Benefits:

  • Safety improvements on the project are designed to give motorists wider roads to travel on during inclement weather, accommodate higher traffic volumes, and to help prevent roadside erosion.
  • The resurfacing and widening will create smoother pavement and improved driving conditions
  • Adding chain up areas will significantly improve safety for travelers when weather conditions suddenly change.
  • Two wildlife underpasses will help reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions.

Project Facts

  • Cost: $20 Million +
  • Contractor:  IHC Scott
  • Timeline: May 2022 to early Summer 2024
  • Location: on CO 13 on Garco Rio Blanco Hill
    • City: 11 miles northwest of Rifle
    • Mile Posts: 11.32 to 16.18
    • County: Garfield 
CO 13 Rio Blanco Widening Project Map
CO 13 Rio Blanco Widening Project Map