CO 14 & CO 125 Resurfacing in Walden

Paving nearing completion in downtown Walden"

Paving nearing completion in- downtown Walden"

Project Complete!

The project will consist roadway resurfacing using a mill and overlay process along CO 14 and CO 125 in Walden. Additionally, two locations along CO 14 will be widened for truck turnarounds. The first phase of the project will begin at the end of May along an 8 mile stretch of CO 14, from Mile Point 11.0 to 19.0. Starting in mid-July, crews will move operations to CO 125 through downtown Walden from MP 52.3 to 55.0. The project will improve and prolong the life of the road surface, offering a safer and smoother travel path for all motorists. Work is expected to go from the end of May to mid-August.

Project Facts

  • Cost: $5.4 Million
  • Contractor:  McAtee Construction Co.
  • Timeline: May - August 2022
  • Location: CO 125 through the town of Walden from MP 52.3 to 55.0, and 8 miles of CO 14 from MP 11.0 to 19.0 in Jackson County.

Walden CO 14 project map