Roundabout Driving Tips

  • When entering the roundabout, yield to traffic already navigating it.
  • When a safe gap is available, merge into roundabout traffic.
  • As you travel the roundabout, pay attention to signage and merging vehicles.
    In the roundabout, you are allowed the right-of-way, but pay attention to inexperienced roundabout travelers.
  • When you reach your desired exit point, signal to alert fellow motorists that you are exiting the roundabout and safely move out of it.


  • Exits should always be smooth; if you're making a sharp turn (greater than 90 degrees) when exiting, check your traffic directions!
  • Pay attention to pedestrians navigating the roundabout, and make note of painted crosswalks and signage.
  • Please be patient and respectful of other drivers. While roundabouts are designed to improve traffic and pedestrian safety, many motorists are unfamiliar with their unique requirements.

Colorado Roundabout Educational Video