CO 93 Resurfacing between US 6 and 58th Avenue

Project Complete!

In mid-April, the Colorado Department of Transportation will begin the CO 93 Repaving and Improvements project. Work on this project will improve driving conditions and safety along this 3.1-mile stretch of CO 93 between the intersection of CO 58/US 6/CO 93 and 58th Ave through asphalt repaving, signal replacement at 58th Avenue, road widening between Washington Ave and Mesa Drive ADA curb ramp and guardrail upgrades, updated signage and striping, and the addition of rumble strips.

The project will also: 

  • Lengthen the northbound CO 93 acceleration lane from westbound Washington Avenue
  • Add a 2nd northbound CO 93 thru lane between Washington Ave and Golden Gate Canyon Road
  • Add a median on the east and west sides of Pine Ridge Road to reinforce existing turning restrictions onto CO 93

Project Benefits

  • Improved driving conditions and experience along this 3.1-mile stretch of CO 93
  • Prolonged life of the road surface
  • Added safety elements such as guardrail, rumble strips, acceleration lane, and medians

Project Facts

  • Cost: $5 Million
  • Contractor: Old Castle (APC)
  • Timeline: April – November 2023 (Project was delayed 2 weeks due to weather and material delays.)
  • Location: CO 93 in Golden between the intersection of CO 58/US 6/CO 93 and 58th Avenue
    • Mile Posts:  0 - 3.1
    • County: Jefferson 

Map of CO 93 and Clear Creek County Rd 314 from east Idaho Springs to the Veterans Memorial Tunnels

CO 93 Golden Resurfacing Project Map