CO 96 Overlay between Eads and Sheridan Lake

Project Complete!

The project will improve and prolong the life of the road surface. Work will primarily consist of resurfacing the roadway with leveling, overlaying, upgrading guardrails, and minor structure repairs. A smooth road or highway has many important benefits including safety and improved quality for driving experience. Construction of wider shoulders will improve safety by providing a larger recoverable area on the side of the roadway and reduce the potential of crashes from vehicles veering off the main roadway.

Project Benefits

  • Smoother roads will improve safety and quality for driving experience.
  • Resurfacing can greatly extend the life of the asphalt pavement; Some highways may last more than 50 years with periodic resurfacing of the top layer of asphalt and timely repairs.
  • A newly paved road has fewer impacts on those who bike, drive, or take public transit

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: $12.7 Million
  • Contractor: A & S
  • Timeline: May - December 2023 (end date extended from October due to material delay)
  • Location: CO 96 between Eads and Sheridan Lake 
    • Mile Point(s): 169 - 193.77
    • County: Kiowa
CO 96 between Eads and Sheridan Lake, Mile Point(s): 169 - 193.77 KiowaCounty
CO 96 between Eads and Sheridan Lake.