Key Project Elements

Project Locations

Four pairs of bridges (a total of eight structures) will be replaced between Vasquez Boulevard and York Street.

I-270 Direction

Bridge Crossing

Bridge Number

Westbound South Platte River E-17-ID*
Eastbound South Platte River E-17-IE*
Westbound Burlington Irrigation Ditch Crossing E-17-IF*
Eastbound Burlington Irrigation Ditch Crossing E-17-IG*
Westbound Brighton Blvd & 2 Railroad Crossings (UPRR & BNSF) E-17-IH*
Eastbound Brighton Blvd & 2 Railroad Crossings (UPRR & BNSF) E-17-II
Westbound East 60th/BNSF Railroad E-17-IJ*
Eastbound East 60th/BNSF Railroad E-17-IK