Public Engagement

CDOT held a virtual public meeting on May 25, 2022, with 142 representatives from the construction industry and the public to review the best contracting methods to rebuild eight aging bridge structures along I-270 between York Street and Vasquez Boulevard.

During the virtual meeting, CDOT recommended using the Construction Management/General Contractor (CM/GC) method to rebuild these bridges as safely and efficiently as possible with the least amount of impact to the traveling public.

The CM/GC method allows for a quicker delivery of certain complex projects by involving a construction manager to participate early in the design process. This results in a more efficient and complete development of the project scope, which is critical to the success of very complex projects such as multiple bridge replacements in a highly congested area. CDOT has a detailed process that guides transportation engineers and stakeholders to reach the best delivery method.

Concurrently, CDOT continues the larger I-270 Corridor Improvements study (Environmental Assessment). The overall project looks to improve safety, reduce vehicle crash rates, improve travel time and reliability, improve truck freight movement efficiency and accommodate multimodal infrastructure. CDOT is working closely with stakeholders, local municipalities and the public on analyzing the overall corridor.

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