CO 2/CO 88/US 285 Denver Metro ADA Ramps

Project Complete!

Project will consists of replacing approximately 207 curb ramps to comply with Federal ADA standards. The project will be built in three phases. Each phase will improve current curb ramps, gutter, and sidewalks to be in compliance with public right-of-way accessibility guidelines requirements (PROWAG).

  • Phase 1: 12 miles of US 285 from South Simms to South Clermont streets (Mile Points 252-264)
  • Phase 2: 5 miles of CO 2 from Dickenson Place and Batavia Place (Mile Points 1-6)
  • Phase 3: 4 miles of CO 88 from Boston and South Clinton streets to South Helena Street and Cornerstar Way (Mile Points 17-21)

Project Benefits

  • This project will improve existing curb ramps so they are safer and more accessible for pedestrians and people who depend on wheelchairs to travel.
  • Ensuring that all current standards are met and maintained on ADA ramps, and pedestrian safety and accessibility is enhanced.
  • To comply with ADA requirements, curb ramps must meet specific standards for width, slope, cross slope and placement.

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: $2.47 Million
  • Contractor: KSK, LLC
  • Timeline: April - November 2023
  • Locations

CO 2 between the intersections of Colorado Boulevard/Dickenson Place and Colorado Boulevard/Batavia Place
Mile Points: 1-6
City: Denver

US 285 at the intersection of US 285/South Simms Street and end at US 285/South Clermont Street
Mile Points: 252-264
Cities: Centennial, Aurora, Greenwood Village, Englewood, and Cherry Hills Village

CO 88 from Boston Street/South Clinton Street to South Helena Street/Cornerstar Way
Mile Points: 17-21
City: Centennial

  • Counties: Denver, Jefferson, Arapahoe