FASTER Transit Grants

Transit SplitFASTER supports transit projects with $15 million every year based on a statutory set aside from the road safety surcharge revenue.  FASTER dollars have provided the first permanent infusion of state funds for transit, which have been instrumental in helping maintain existing local transit systems, guiding the first steps toward regional bus transit service, and determining the feasibility of a high speed rail system.

FASTER transit funds are split between local transit grants ($5 million per year) and statewide projects ($10 million per year).  The $5 million in local transit grants is awarded competitively by CDOT regional offices, while statewide funds are awarded by the CDOT Division of Transit and Rail to statewide, interregional, and regional projects.  Local recipients are required to provide a minimum 20% local match. Among the types of projects that have been awarded are the purchase or replacement of transit vehicles; construction of multimodal stations, and acquisition of equipment for consolidated call centers. Since the first year of FASTER, three award cycles (FY 2010-12, FY 2012-13, and FY2014-15) have been completed, with 138 projects funded across the state.

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FASTER TransitGrants