CO 9 in Frisco: Main Street to Iron Springs

Project Facts

  • Cost: $10 million
    Note: Construction funding has not been identified.
  • Contractor(s): Stolfus and Associated
  • Average Daily Traffic: 24,000

This is the final improvement project on the CO 9 corridor between Breckenridge and I-70. (See previous work details.).


The project team has completed approximately 40 percent of the design, and plans to reach 80 percent completion by October 2018.

Planned Work

  • Build two lanes in each direction to connect Summit Boulevard to Iron Springs.
  • Build a sidewalk between Main Street and the County Commons.
  • Install a pedestrian underpass under CO 9 between the Peninsula Recreation Area and the Summit Stage bus stop near the Summit County Library.
  • Improve the 8th Avenue intersection by constructing a roundabout that provides better local access to the north.
  • Rebuild the Main Street intersection so the sweeping southbound right-turn lane can be reconstructed closer to the intersection.
    This will slow traffic prior to reaching the 7th Avenue stop sign and accommodate a new crosswalk across the Main Street leg of the intersection.
  • Turn the intersection of Water Dance Drive and Peak One Boulevard into either be a roundabout or a signalized intersection.
    The team will continue to develop and determine the design, impacts and costs for both options. The roundabout is the more expensive option, and the team msut decide if it can be built within the project budget.

Funding & Next Steps

  • Once the team identifies funding, it will begin an 18-month right-of-way-process.
  • If funding becomes available in fall 2018, construction could start as early as late summer 2020.
  • The proposed design will widen a 1.3-mile stretch of CO 9 between Frisco's Main Street and the previous Iron Springs project.