I-25 Ramp Signal Installation Across Colorado Springs

Project Facts

  • Goal: Make the road safer by providing a new surface, and upgrading infrastructure to current standards.
  • Location: 12 on-/off-ramps/locations along a four-mile stretch of I-25 in Colorado Springs
  • Cost: $3.3 million
  • Timeline: July 2019- summer 2020
  • Contractor: Main Electric

Crews on this project will install ramp-metering devices at 12 different locations along the I-25 corridor in Colorado Springs to help ease traffic flow. Specifically, work will take place at the following on- and off-ramps:

  • South Academy Boulevard to northbound I-25
  • West Bijou Street to northbound I-25
  • Uintah Street to southbound I-25
  • Uintah Street to northbound I-25
  • Fontanero Street to southbound I-25
  • Fontanero Street to northbound I-25
  • Fillmore Street to southbound I-25
  • Fillmore Street to northbound I-25
  • Garden of the Gods Road to southbound I-25
  • Garden of the Gods Road to northbound I-25
  • South Rockrimmon Boulevard to southbound I-25
  • Nevada Avenue to northbound I-25

Crews also will install electrical conduit, pull boxes, wiring, traffic pedestal poles with signal heads and signs.