I-25 Rockrimmon Bridge Maintenance & Preventative Work

Project Facts

  • Contractor(s): Ralph L. Wadsworth Construction Company, LLC.
  • Location: between the Garden of the Gods Road exit and Woodmen Road on I-25 (The main area of work consists of the Rockrimmon-Nevada interchange complex, constructed in 2007.)
Final photo of I-25 Rockrimmon Project.

In March 2019, CDOT completed this project, for which crews extended the life of a bridge and its driving surface near the I-25/Rockrimmon-Nevada interchange. The work was part of the ongoing CDOT Asset Management/Bridge Preventative Maintenance Program, which aims to extend the lives of the state’s bridges to 75 years.

Crews also widened I-25 to the median, in line with future improvements, and to provide a safe area for stranded vehicles.

Work Completed

 upgraded 10 bridges by replacing expansion joints and waterproofing membrane, and overlayed the road's surface with new asphalt to protect and extend the life span of the bridge decks

 replaced concrete panels where needed along I-25

 pavedthe road and concrete bridges with asphalt to improve ride quality

 upgraded guardrail, restriped and widened shoulders

 added a right-turn lane at the northbound I-25 off-ramp to Woodmen Road (Exit 139) and traffic turn lights

 repaired the auxiliary lane at the crescent-shaped crack of northbound I-25, south of the Rockrimmon Boulevard exit

Which Bridges Were Affected?

  • Northbound and southbound Mark Dabling Bridge
  • Northbound and southbound Rockrimmon Bridge
  • Northbound and southbound Monument Bridge
  • Northbound and southbound Nevada Bridge
  • Northbound Mark Dabling Off-Ramp Bridge and Southbound Mark Dabling On-Ramp Bridge