Frequently Asked Questions

The PEL study process provided a year of very important work on the corridor that allowed CDOT to focus on this project and move it forward. As part of that PEL process, CDOT identified the safety, mobility and trip reliability problems in the Gap segment. CDOT also evaluated over 100 separate alternatives to mitigate these problems.

In addition, CDOT did detailed engineering survey work, advanced environmental data collection, prepared detailed traffic counts and travel demand models, and coordinated closely with impacted stakeholders, resource agencies and local governments along the corridor.

Travel reliability is a priority for the commuters and motorists who depend on I-25 south. In sharing and collecting input from the public, CDOT examined a range of alternatives. Extensive analysis and experience shows that travel reliability can be achieved by providing each driver a choice:

  1. They can ride the two general purpose lanes for free.
  2. They can take the Express Lane to reach their destination faster in exchange for paying a toll.
  3. They can carpool (vehicles with three or more people) on the Express Lane for free.

Toll revenues will go back into the corridor, improving travel for all who use I-25.

CDOT is examining tolled Express Lanes as they look at how to achieve mobility improvements in every major corridor. Also, Express Lanes have flexible versions of implementation such as shoulder lanes only open during peak hours—new lanes that also carry bus rapid transit or HOV. With Express Lanes, CDOT can customize per the conditions in a particular corridor.

Major travel corridors will not improve over the long term by adding lanes. With continuous population growth and development, simply adding lanes is not a feasible solution. We know traffic will soon outgrow the additional lanes and the result will be gridlock with poor travel reliability.

Tolled Express Lanes not only improve general purpose lanes but also allow CDOT to manage the rate of traffic so a reliable trip can be guaranteed in exchange for paying a toll. Tolled Express Lanes allow CDOT to maximize capacity, manage traffic flow and provide travel choices.

CDOT is still planning to complete a PEL study for the entire 34-mile corridor of I-25 from Monument to C-470. However, that schedule was extended so CDOT could focus attention on completing the environmental assessment and design, required to begin constructing the 18-mile Gap segment in summer 2018.

CDOT will resume work on the PEL study in summer 2018, with a goal to complete this effort by early 2019.

In addition to this website, CDOT held a series of small, information listening sessions in El Paso County from late January to mid-February 2018 and more were held for Douglas County. Telephone town halls were held on Feb. 21 in El Paso County and Feb. 22 in for Douglas County.