I-70 and I-25 Interchange Bridge Repairs

Project Facts

  • Cost: $4.2 million
  • Time frame: June 2017 through July 23, 2018
  • Contractor(s): ABCO Contracting

Crews on this project repaired nine bridges surrounding the I-70 and I-25 interchange in Denver. 

Work included:

  • repairing deteriorating bridge decks with new, polyester concrete (a highly durable, waterproof material intended to extend each bridge's life, and reduce construction time and impacts to travelers);
  • replacing expansion joints and damaged rails; and
  • cleaning drains on each bridge.

Work Area: March 2018

The Bridges

  1. Southbound I-25 off-ramp to Park Avenue
  2. Northbound I-25: Globeville Road on-ramp to I-70
  3. Northbound I-25 over the Globeville Road on-ramp to I-70
  4. Westbound I-70 over the Lincoln Street ramps to I-25
  5. Northbound I-25 on-ramp to westbound I-70
  6. Southbound I-25 on-ramp to eastbound I-70
  7. Southbound I-25: Washington Street on-ramp to eastbound I-70
  8. Southbound I-25 on-ramp to eastbound I-70 ramp
  9. Eastbound I-70 off-ramp to Washington Street