I-76 Brush to Merino

Map of Brush work area
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Crews on this project will repave both directions of I-76 from mile point (MP) 90 to MP 102 in Morgan and Washington counties, from Brush to Merino.

Construction on the eastbound lanes will extend the full 12 miles of the project, while westbound work is occurring only from MP 92 to MP 95.

This project will:

  • provide a smooth driving surface with improved durability.
  • replace concrete panels.
  • repair and repave shoulders.
  • repave the road to ensure it's durable for 10 years.
  • upgrade guardrails at bridge and box culvert locations to a standard height of 31 inches.

When this project is complete, it will ensure the roadway's durability for 10 years. Reclaiming and repaving the shoulders of the highway increases their usability and security as well.


Project Facts

  • Cost:
    $6.9 million
  • Average Annual Daily Traffic:
    29,000 (I-70)

Project Team

  • Contractor(s): Simon Contractors

Crews continue to make significant progress, including the following milestones.

  • Overall, the project is 95 percent complete. This includes Phase 1 of the project, which is now complete. Phase 1 included all concrete panel repairs on the eastbound and westbound lanes of I-76. Bridge repairs on the Hillrose interchange of I-76 have also been completed, along with guardrail and bridge rail installation.
  • Phase 2, which is also complete, involved shoulder repairs along the length of the project. These repairs included reclaiming the existing asphalt shoulders and paving them back with three inches of new asphalt. Crews also conducted paving operations, striping and removal of embankment protectors. Following this phase, crews installed signs and completed minor repairs, including painting, grinding and seeding. Remaining work—final striping and cleanup—will be completed the third week of October.

The project was scheduled for completion in September but due to weather delays, it will be completed in October 2016.

Schedule and Traffic Impacts

Normal working hours are 6 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Single lane closures can be expected, along with reduced speed limits in the work zones (35 mph near the work, 35 to 55 mph within the closures). If no work is being done, the speed limit will remain the same. Up to eight miles of the highway at a time will be impacted.