I-76 & US 34 Resurfacing in Fort Morgan & Brush

Project Complete!

During the 2020 construction season, Martin Marietta resurfaced the following two sections of I-76 near the cities of Fort Morgan and Brush:

  • I-76 from west of Colorado Highway 144 (mile point 78.2) to east of Barlow Road (MP 82.9)
  • I-76 near US 6 east of Brush (MP 90.8 to 92.3)

Other 2020 season accomplishments on I-76 include:

  • Repairing six bridges including the railroad bridge in Brush
  • Installing bridge rail and guardrail
  • Placing over 90 new signs and 400 delineators

During the first of two construction seasons, the contractor was also able to complete asphalt pavement rehabilitation along most of US 34 from I-76 to CO 71 south. More than 40 curb ramps were upgraded on US 34 in Fort Morgan and Brush. Bridge repairs were made at three locations. Edison Street (US 34) through downtown Brush opened on June 30 after a nine-week closure for major road work. Four city blocks between Custer Street and Colorado Avenue were reconstructed from the subgrade up with new concrete.

Work complete in 2021

On I-76:

  • Performed asphalt profile grinding for smoothness
  • Installed new fence at the railroad bridge in Brush
  • Restriped the highway

On US 34:

  • Resurfaced approximately one mile of asphalt in Fort Morgan
  • Widened select sidewalk segments in Brush
  • Improved the railroad crossing east of Brush
  • Installed guardrail at several US 34 structures
  • Placed final seeding and landscaping

Project Facts

  • Cost: $20 million
  • Contractor:  Martin Marietta
  • Timeline: April 2020- December 2021
  • Location: Two work zones on I-76 in Fort Morgan and Brush. Several work areas along US 34 from I-76 to CO 71 south

I-76 Paving Project

I-76 Paving Project

Work Schedule

  • I-76: All work complete.
  • US 34: Remaining work is limited to sidewalk improvements in Brush between Hospital Road and Turner Street. The first work is between Hospital Road and Ray Street.

I-76-US 34 Full Work Zone.jpg
Map of Entire Work Zone I-76 US 34 Resurfacing in Fort Morgan and Brush