Adams County Curb Ramp Removal & Replacement

Project Complete!

This project consists of multiple locations for curb ramp removal and replacement to provide better accessibility to multi-modal travelers. Interchanges include the following roadways: I-25 from 84th to 144th; US 36 at Church Ranch Rd and Pecos St and CO 128 interchange; 120th/CO 128 from I-25 to Old Wadsworth Blvd; CO 121 from 92nd to Wadsworth Pkwy.

Work Schedule

  • Working hours will be from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Weekend work and nighttime work is not expected. Schedules are subject to change based on weather and availability of resources.

Traffic Impacts

Interchange improvements have begun along 120th. Operations will move east to west working on approximately 22 interchange locations. Additional locations within the Phase III project scope include Pecos Street, 92nd Ave and Church Ranch Road along US 36, where Colorado Highway 121, CO 128 and US 36 converge, multiple sections also will see improvements including US 36 eastbound and westbound ramps, Old Wadsworth Blvd, Wadsworth Pkwy, Uptown Ave and West 116th Circle. Each location is expected to take approximately two weeks to remove and replace curb ramps. 

To complete phase three of the project, crews will reconstruct several locations along CO Highway 121 including Wadsworth Parkway, Uptown Avenue, West 116th Circle, and 92nd Avenue. Additionally, the US Highway 36 interchange ramps, Church Ranch Road and Pecos Street will receive improvements. Phase three is anticipated to be completed by the end of April.  

  • Motorists can expect intermittent one-lane and turn-lane closures at the interchanges, including on and off-ramps. Sidewalk closures and shoulder closures are also possible. Impacts will be minimal for extended wait and travel times.

Interchanges Completed to Date

  • 84th Avenue
  • Thornton Parkway
  • 104th Avenue
  • 136th Avenue
  • 144th Avenue
  • 22 locations along 120th Avenue
  • 116th
  • 92nd & Wadsworth
  • Uptown & Wadsworth
  • US 36 at Church Ranch Rd

Project Facts

  • Cost: $4.6 Million
  • Contractor:  IHC Scott
  • Timeline: May 2022 - March 2023
  • Locations: 
    • I-25 from 84th to 144th
    • US 36 at Church Ranch Road and Pecos Street and CO 128 Interchange
    • CO 121 from 92nd to Wadsworth Parkway
    • CO 128 from I-25 to Old Wadsworth Boulevard
    • Cities:  Westminster, Broomfield
    • Counties:  Adams, Broomfield

I-25 Adams County Curb Ramp project map