I-25 Cable Tension Barrier in Weld/Larimer Counties

About the Project

In October 2020 crews completed construction on this cable tension barrier on I-25 in Weld and Larimer Counties.

Two sections of a cable guardrail system will provide extra safety for the traveling public. The first section is a half mile north of Colorado Highway 14 and continues one and half miles past Wellington. The second segment starts at the Wyoming boarder and stretches south for seven and a half miles.

Installing cable median barriers in strategic locations is an effective method to preventing cross-median crashes.

Steel cables strung on posts absorb most of the kinetic energy from a car hitting the barrier. The posts break and the cables flex, redirecting the vehicle along the median and preventing it from hitting oncoming traffic.  

Cable tension wires also are less expensive and easier to fix than concrete barriers. If the barrier is damaged, the posts slide out easily to allow a new cable section to be installed more quickly. 

Project Facts

  • Cost: $4.5 million
  • Contractor: Scott
  • Timeline: May - October 2020
  • Location: North I-25 in Weld and Larimer Counties

Proposed Work Schedule

  • This project is complete.

Traffic Impacts

  • No further traffic impacts