General FAQs

1. Why is this project happening?

Improvements to the interchange are needed to support increased traffic on the I-25 corridor, to add capacity for visitors to area parks like Fishers Peak, and to improve traffic flow at the exits. In its current state, the configuration and supporting bridge at Exit 11 are inadequate to sustain various modes of transportation and for future economic growth in the area.

2. What improvements will be made?

CDOT is replacing the bridge, widening the on and off ramps, building new ramp crossovers, installing new roundabouts at the east and west sides of Exit 11, and making aesthetic and safety improvements.

3. How will this project benefit the community?

Improving Exit 11 will increase economic investment in the area which will support the local and broader communities.

4. How long will the project take?

CDOT anticipates the project taking between 18-20 months.

5. How much will the project cost and how is it funded?

The project cost is approximately $12.6 million dollars. This is 100% funded by the state.

Travel Impacts

1. What impacts can I expect?

CDOT expects only minor traffic shifts and minimal impacts to the traveling public through the duration of this project.

2. Will there be detours?

No. No detour routes will be in place. However, CDOT is building some onsite temporary detour pavement on which to route traffic during certain phases of construction.

3. Will there be impacts to the ramps?

There will be occasional single lane closures on the ramps and at the approaches to the ramps on I-25 but no full ramp closures.

4. How will this project impact the frontage roads?

Traffic will remain the same on the frontage roads during construction. No closures or impacts are expected.

Commercial Vehicles & Oversized Loads

1. Will there be any impacts or detours in place for trucks and commercial vehicles?

Minor traffic shifts will exist, but no immediate impacts related to commercial vehicles.

2. Will the Port of Entry still be open?

Yes, the Port of Entry will remain open 24/7.