Construction Phasing Overview

The project will be completed in six general phases. Click here for the final project lane configurations.

In October 2014, the Project reached the first significant milestone – completion of Phase 1. During Phase 1, the median barrier was demolished and temporary pavement was placed in order to shift all traffic to the west side of the highway. 

Phase 2 was substantially complete in June 2015. Phase 2 included constructing three northbound I-25 lanes and the outside shoulder, ramp reconstruction, building a new multi-use trail on the east side of I-25 and installing water quality ponds.

Phase 3 occurred in June and July 2015. The project team identified significant advantages associated with completing the project under a modified construction phasing plan. Part of that plan required a temporary traffic split of northbound I-25 while permanent concrete was placed within the work zone in the center of northbound I-25.

Phase 4 shifted all northbound I-25 traffic onto the newly constructed concrete to create a work zone between northbound and southbound I-25. Crews installed permanent concrete in the center section of I-25 in July and August 2015.

Phase 5 began in September 2015 with a southbound I-25 traffic shift onto new pavement placed during Phase 4. This phase constructed the southbound lanes along with shoulder and ramp improvements.

Phase 6, the final project phase, installed permanent median barrier and lighting. Traffic was moved into final lane configuration in March 2016. 

The project was substantially complete by March 2016.