I-25 Southbound Pilot Program

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) is looking at a variety of options to improve traffic flow and reduce congestion along the I-25 Corridor during peak travel times. CDOT implemented a pilot program on southbound I-25 starting near Dry Creek and continuing past Lincoln that created a dedicated direct lane for thru traffic to use.

Crews re-striped the left hand lane of southbound I-25 in this area the night of Sunday, July 13 and the lane became operational as a direct lane on Monday, July 14. The area has dedicated striping and signage to help motorists understand the procedures expected within the lane. This lane is not intended for use by those switching in and out of travel lanes. The assessment period for the direct lane will continue for several weeks. We will be monitoring traffic flow, traffic patterns and whether or not this program saves time and increases traffic flow for motorists traveling through this area. Currently, Lone Tree Police Department will be enforcing the double striped lane, in an effort to educate drivers that weaving in and out of the lane is prohibited.

Signage will direct travelers to the lanes, should they choose to utilize them. These lanes are open for everyone to use. There is no HOV requirement and the lane will remain free of charge. Yellow signs with black lettering are in place in advance of the corridor to inform motorists of the direct lane. The lanes are marked with double white lines to restrict motorists from weaving in and out of the direct lane. Black signs with white lettering reiterate that motorists may not cross the double white lines to enter or exit the direct lane.

Lanes similar to these have seen success in several other states as dedicated thru lanes for traffic not looking to exit for several miles. This pilot program is being implemented in order to test this program along congested roadways in Colorado. The intent is to monitor congestion relief that is expected with traffic traveling more freely in the far left lane. This program will monitor the outcomes of the lane becoming a designated direct lane and if the program is successful, future lanes similar to this may be considered in other congested areas of the I-25 and other corridors.