Roadside Memorials

With the I-25 South Gap project, the Colorado Department of Transportation and its contractor partner Kraemer North America are actively working to increase safety and mobility by adding a new Express Lane in each direction of Interstate 25 between Monument and Castle Rock.

As crews work to widen the roadway, roadside memorials will have to be removed. Some will be put back, while others will not.

There are both formal and informal roadside memorials.

Formal roadside memorials (such as those for two State Troopers) went through a CDOT process to be displayed. They will be carefully and temporarily removed during construction and put back when construction is completed.

Informal roadside memorials are those placed by family and friends that have not been approved by CDOT.

  • These will be carefully removed and stored. They will not be put back when construction is completed.
  • Family and friends are welcome to contact the project by email or phone to make arrangements to pick up the items