I-70 Auxiliary Lanes Summit County

Project Complete!

Crews have resumed full production on the auxiliary lane project to widen the outside eastbound lanes of I-70 from Frisco to Silverthorne (MP 202 to MP 207). The project also includes bridge improvements over US 6 and the Blue River as well as new wildlife fencing.

Type of Work:

  • Widening the road in the construction zone
  • Repaving eastbound lanes in the construction zone and restriping  
  • Widening of bridges over US 6 and the Blue River; upgrades to drainage
  • Deer fencing in both directions of I-70 (MP 203 to 205)
  • Improved truck parking at the EB scenic overlook
  • Longer deceleration lane and improved signage at the exit 205 off-ramp

Project Benefits:

Auxiliary lanes help to balance traffic and facilitate the positioning of drivers at exits and the merging of drivers at entrances.

Bridge improvements will increase the life expectancy of the bridge structures and allow for road widening.
Enhancing safety with wildlife fencing along both eastbound and westbound sides of I-70 from Frisco to Silverthorne is an additional safety benefit of the auxiliary lane project.

Project Facts

  • Cost: $27 Million
  • Contractor:  Ames Construction
  • Timeline: March 2022 - late-October 2023
  • Location: On the I-70 Auxiliary Lane
    • City:  from Frisco to Silverthorne
    • Mile Points: 202 to MP 207)
  • 2nd Location: I-70 and US 6 and CO 9

I-70 Auxiliary Lanes project map