I-70 B 1st Street & Grand Avenue Improvements (Design Phase)

Project Facts

  • Construction Timeline: April 2021-July 2022
  • Location: I-70B from American Way to Rood Avenue in Grand Junction

1st & Grand Picture.jpg
I-70 B 1st and Grand Avenue

CDOT has finalized the design for improvements at the 1st and Grand intersection that includes the I-70 Business Loop (I-70B) from American Way to Rood Avenue, and Colorado Highway 340 (Broadway) from Mulberry Street/Rice Street to 2nd Street.

These transportation improvements will address congestion, safety and multimodal opportunities. Construction is scheduled to begin in 2021.

Thank you to the Grand Junction and Mesa County communities for providing feedback during the last several years.

Project Findings & Background

In 2008, CDOT completed an environmental assessment (EA) that examined the need for transportation improvements along the I-70B corridor from 24 Road to 15th Street to improve:

  • traffic flow and congestion;
  • safety for all users;
  • multi-modal opportunities; and
  • provide effective access.

The EA developed and screened a reasonable range of potential improvements to enhance corridor operations and safety for all modes of transportation – including non-motorized travel. With input from the public and stakeholders, a preferred alternative was identified.  

Following the EA, transportation improvements to I-70B have been constructed from 24 Road to Mulberry Street. The work currently being designed from Mulberry Street to Rood Avenue will be the next phase of transportation improvements to be constructed.

In 2018, CDOT completed a traffic study to update the traffic modeling done during the EA and account for current projections on the increase in traffic in the year 2040 and any congestion relief provided by Riverside Parkway which was completed after the EA. The traffic study confirmed the need for three through-lanes in each direction on I-70B as recommended in the EA preferred alternative.

In 2019, CDOT completed an Access Plan along I-70B from Mulberry Street to 5th Street to support the transportation improvements currently in design and provide access control recommendations that balance the goals of safety and operational improvements with limiting impacts to local businesses and property owners. The Access Plan recommendations were developed based upon a fact-based decision matrix that combined numerous engineering standards and statutory guidance in conjunction with feedback from property owners and stakeholders.

Access Plan Map