CDOT I-70 ITS Fiber Optic Installation Project

Project Facts

  • Cost: $990,000
  • Contractor: Dillie and Kuhn
  • Timeline: January - May 2020
  • Locations:  I-70 between Tower Road and Bennett,  I-25 south of 6th Avenue, Arapahoe Road and Revere Parkway

 Project Nearly Complete!

In February 2021, crews finished furnishing and installing CCTV cameras and communication equipment along three major locations:

  • I-70 between Tower Road and Bennett
  • I-25 south of 6th Avenue
  • CO 88 (Arapahoe Road) and Revere Parkway

Construction included trenching and boring new conduits, drilled caissons for new pole installations, and excavation for new pull box installations.

Schedule and Traffic Impacts

Minor impacts only.