I-70 B and CO 141 B Resurfacing Project in Mesa County

Project Complete!

CDOT completed this resurfacing project on I-70B at the I-70 off-ramp (MP 0.18) to 24 Rd. (MP 2.52), I-70B from Main St. (MP 6.75) to 29 Rd. (MP 8.46), I-70B Frontage Roads from Main St. to 29 Rd., and on CO 141B at the I-70B/CO 141B intersection (MP 162.26) to the Colorado River (MP 159.9). Work included milling operations, 1.5 to 2 inch asphalt paving, minor bridge work and guardrail improvements. Existing concrete barrier was removed from I-70B Frontage Road and replaced with barrier fence.

Project Benefits

  • The new asphalt will add approximately 10 years of life to the highway, provide a smoother road surface and will add durability by increasing the resistance of ruts and road damage.
  • Other benefits of the project include installation of new guardrail that will be 31 inches high, designed to meet new safety standard requirements. The higher railing will help veering vehicles remain on the road more effectively, making the highway safer for the traveling public. The former standard of height of guardrail was 27 inches.

Project Facts

  • Construction Cost: $9.5M
  • Contractor: Elam Construction of Grand Junction
  • Timeline: June through October 2023
  • Location: I-70 off-ramp to 24 Rd.; I-70B from Main St. to 29 Rd; I-70B Frontage Road from Main St. to 29 Rd.
    • City: Grand Junction
    • Mile Points: MP 0.18 to MP 2.52 and MP 6.75 to MP 8.46
    • County:  Mesa
  • Location: CO 141B from the I-70B intersection to the Colorado River
    • City: near Pear Park, CO
    • Mile Points: MP 162.26 to MP 159.9
    • County: Mesa
I-70B/CO 141B project map
I-70B/CO 141B project map