I-70 Deer Trail East

Surveying Equipment

This project includes the deck rehabilitation of eight bridges and upgrading of one structure to current standard bridge rail on I-70 from Deer Trail to Agate.  The rehabilitation consists of removing unsound concrete from the bridge decks and replacing it with new concrete.

Approximate cost for this project is $3.9 million. Work began in July 2015 and is scheduled to be completed by December 2016.  Work resumed in March 2016 after winter conditions prevented activities from taking place.

Traffic Impacts

Through mid-October, one eastbound lane and the outside westbound lane will be closed at MP 339.6 and may extend from MP 339.6 to MP 341.  Work will take place during daylight hours only.  However, should occasional overnight work be needed, it will be for periods no longer than three consecutive days.  As a result of the work, the normal 75 mph will be reduced to 55 mph prior to the work zone.  Additionally, one of two lanes over the bridge on Elbert Count Road 166, will be closed each day with traffic bypassing the work in the remaining lane. Traffic delays will be minimal with passage controlled by flaggers. 

Between late September and the end of October, both westbound lanes are expected to be closed between MP 329.2 and MP 337.4.  Therefore, a two-way head-to-head situation in the eastbound lanes will be in effect.  The speed limit within the 8-mile work zone will also be reduced to 65 mph.  During this head-to-head configuration, an oversized load restriction will be placed to allow a maximum of 12-foot wide vehicles.  The westbound Rest Area at MP 332 will remained closed to all traffic.

During November, single-lane closures are anticipated for both eastbound and westbound traffic from MP 329 to MP 341.  The normal 75 mph will be reduced to 55 mph prior to each work zone.  These closures will be daytime only.

The original work at the project was expected to be completed at the end of September of 2016. Additional changes in the scope of work was identified in July of 2016 at the bridge joints of three eastbound bridges and three westbound bridges between MP 329.2 and 337.4. This work was completed at the three eastbound bridges on September 18th, with all I-70 traffic conveyed in a two-way head-to-head configuration in the westbound lanes. To expedite this work on three westbound bridges, west and eastbound I-70 traffic was returned into the two eastbound lanes in a two-way head-to-head configuration on September 26, 2016. This traffic configuration is expected to remain in place through the end of October. The oversize load restriction, to allow a maximum of 12-foot wide vehicles, will remain in effect while the two-way traffic configuration is in effect this fall.

Project Benefit

Increase safety, improve the condition of the bridges, and extend the life of the structures by up to 20 years.