I-70 Exit 31 Horizon Drive Roundabouts

Horizon Drive Roundabouts ProjectThe I-70 Exit 31 Horizon Drive Roundabouts project was a 12-month construction project on Horizon Drive at the interchange with Interstate I-70 (Exit 31) in Grand Junction.

The project included:

  • the construction on Horizon Drive of two modern-style roundabouts that will help improve traffic flow and safety;
  • adding environmental aesthetics to the area;
  • ramp upgrades;
  • concrete sidewalks and gutters;
  • re-surfacing; and
  • a new access route for the Grand Junction Visitors Center along Visitor’s Way .

Roundabout-Driving Tips

  • When entering the roundabout, yield to traffic already navigating it.
  • When a safe gap is available, merge into roundabout traffic.
  • As you travel the roundabout, pay attention to signage and merging vehicles.
  • In the roundabout, you are allowed the right-of-way, but pay attention to inexperienced roundabout travelers.
  • When you reach your desired exit point, signal to alert fellow motorists that you are exiting the roundabout and safely move out of it.


  • Exits should always be smooth; if you're making a sharp turn (greater than 90 degrees) when exiting, check your traffic directions!
  • Pay attention to pedestrians navigating the roundabout, and make note of painted crosswalks and signage.
  • Please be patient and respectful of other drivers. While roundabouts are designed to improve traffic and pedestrian safety, many motorists are unfamiliar with their unique requirements.

Traffic roundabouts will improve the intersection by maximizing traffic flow, alleviating congestion, and increasing safety for both motorists and pedestrians. With the creation of the roundabouts, the existing traffic signals were removed. The Horizon Drive Business Improvement District commissioned the creation and installation of six horse sculptures to the completed product to give the area a cohesive look and feel.

This project combined the collaborative efforts of CDOT, the City of Grand Junction, the Horizon Drive Business Improvement District and the Ute Water Conservancy District. M.A. Concrete Construction of Grand Junction was the prime contractor for the project.

CDOT provided the major funding for this $6.6 million project, while the City of Grand Junction, the Horizon Drive Business Improvement District and Ute Water Conservancy District have provided additional funding. 

Project Facts

  • Cost:
    $5.25 million (RAMP)
  • Average Annual Daily Traffic:
    18,000 (on I-70

Project Team

  • Contractor(s): M.A. Concrete Construction