I-70 Westbound Twin Tunnels (Veterans Memorial Tunnels)

The Colorado State Legislature proposed a bill to rename the I-70 Twin Tunnels to Veterans Memorial Tunnels. This bill was passed in April 2015. 

I-70 Twin Tunnels Artist Rendition

Telephone Town Hall

Click here to listen to the recording of the March 13 telephone town hall call.

Project Description

The Westbound I-70 Twin Tunnels project widened the westbound bore of the tunnel in Idaho Springs to about 53-feet. This accommodates a third lane along westbound I-70 when the highway is eventually widened. Unlike the recent work done along eastbound I-70 to add a third highway lane from Idaho Springs to the bottom of Floyd Hill, this project only widened the tunnel to accommodate a future third lane. It did not include expanding westbound I-70 to three lanes at this time.

    Project benefits

    • Doing this project now saved an estimated $5 million to $7 million because the equipment, resources and detour needed to do the work were already in place.
    • With a wider, brighter tunnel entrance, the traffic flow on westbound I-70 has improved as motorists are less likely to slow down when approaching the tunnel.
    • Driver safety has also improved with the removal of rock from the walls above the tunnel portals and along the north side of the highway along the outside each portal.
    • This project sets the stage for future westbound I-70 improvements which may use the extra lane for general purpose travel, peak period travel and/or transit.

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