By the Numbers

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Here's a look at some of the impressive behind-the-scenes project numbers:

  • 10 utility lines—The number of different utility lines being relocated within the project site

  • 15 feet—The approximate depth to which the north and south frontage roads are being lowered to create the new underpass

  • 17 subcontractors—The total number of subcontracting companies that will be used during the project

  • $30 million—The cost of the project, with Vail contributing $8.73 million and the remainder provided by CDOT Responsible Acceleration of Maintenance Projects (RAMP) funds

  • 30+ labor trades—The number of skilled labor trades that will be on-site through the duration of the project
    This includes masons, painters, rock drillers, surveyors, iron workers, carpenters, traffic controllers, electricians and concrete finishers.

  • 165 trees—The approximate number of trees that will be planted throughout the north and south roundabouts, among many more shrubs and perennials to be planted

  • 1,685 cubic yards—The amount of concrete that will be poured for the underpass

  • 5,261 tons—The amount of asphalt that will be poured for the underpass

  • 23,000 linear feet—The length of utility lines that will be relocated, a total of 4.36 miles of utility line in the one-third-mile-long site

  • 27,547 square feet—The amount of stone that will be mined from the Telluride Stone quarry to cover the walls and bridge structure

Download the By the Numbers PDF.