Project Team

Colorado Department of Transportation

The Colorado Department of Transportation is dedicated to providing safe and efficient transportation infrastructure for everyone in Colorado, and is the governmental agency that has commissioned the North I-25 EIS.

Federal Highway Administration

FHWA carries out the Federal highway programs in partnership with the State and local agencies to meet the Nation's transportation needs. FHWA adds value to the delivery of the Federal highway programs by administering and overseeing these programs to ensure that Federal funds are used efficiently.

Federal Transit Administration

The Federal Transit Administration works with communities and their leaders to provide and enhance mobility and accessibility, to ensure the safety and security of our nation’s transit systems, and to develop transit systems that promote economic growth and sound environmental decision-making.

Felsburg, Holt & Ullevig

Felsburg, Holt & Ullevig is the lead consultant conducting the North I-25 EIS and is responsible for managing transportation planning and engineering for the study.


Jacobs is responsible for managing the NEPA planning process, travel demand forecasting and providing engineering support for the study.