Public Involvement

Share Your Feedback

Ensuring the success of the North I-25 EIS requires a full and complete record of public comments and feedback throughout the process. This feedback will help shape the options and alternatives considered by the study. It will be available for reference when decisions are made about future projects. Your input will help ensure that the best possible transportation improvements are made, and that they meet the challenges faced by Northern Colorado residents and travelers now and in the future.

We are committed to providing opportunity for frequent and meaningful public input at every step of the process. We resolve to foster open lines of communication, develop mutually beneficial relationships and act in a responsive manner to all groups and individuals interested in this process.

Speaker's Bureau/Request for Presentation

If you think your organization would benefit from a presentation given by a project representative, please contact Carol Parr at 970-350-2170 or Long Nguyen at 970-622-1280.