Pecos Street over I-70 Bridge Replacement

Structure E-16-FW-b

Picture at right: Newly built Pecos Bridge.


This project replaced the existing poor bridge structure on Pecos Street over I-70 and improved traffic operations at the Pecos/I-70 interchanges.  Project work included replacing the Pecos structure; installing roundabout type intersections, and a pedestrian bridge structure that spanned I-70. The construction cost for this project was estimated at $18M and funded by the Colorado Bridge Enterprise as part of the FASTER legislation.

CDOT determined that this project would use Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) in order to minimize construction impacts to the travelling public.  The Construction Manager/General Contractor (GM/GC) delivery process was used for this project in order to maximize design and construction efficiency.  Kiewit Infrastructure started construction November 2012 and the project was completed in October 2013.

Project Goals

  • Advance the knowledge, experience and cost efficiency of the CDOT construction program and the construction industry in Accelerated Bridge Construction and CM/GC project delivery.
  • Provide a well-publicized, highly successful Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC) project.
  • Replace the existing poor bridge structure and improve traffic operations and safety at the Pecos/I-70 interchange within the project budget.
  • Accelerate delivery of the construction schedule and obtain final project acceptance no later than October 2013.
  • Minimize inconvenience to the traveling public and maximize safety of workers and the travelling public.
  • Facilitate a collaborative partnership with all of the members of the project team and the stakeholders.
  • Provide a high quality design and construction.
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