US 34 Business in Weld County

Project Status: Complete


Latest Updates

Design is in progress. 

Damage Overview

US 34D (business) in Weld County, Colorado, sustained severe damage between mileposts 13.5 and 14.7. Flood waters exceeded the banks of the main channel and spread across the alluvial plain of the South Platte River. This caused water along the upstream roadway embankment to cause eventual overtopping of the roadway resulting in significant undermining of the road by the water. Water then cascaded off the roadway down the downstream embankment and onto the plain.

Ultimately, the entire width of the roadway was undermined, the pavement was displaced and existing culverts were exposed and/or washed out. The South Platte River at this location reached a 500-year storm level during the 2013 flood. 

Emergency (Temporary) Repairs

Temporary repairs were completed and the highway was reopened to regular traffic in both directions on November 4, 2013.  Work involved removal of sediment and debris from roadways and ditches, utility repair (by others), scour hole repair, revegetation, installation of new guardrail, embankment repair, asphalt paving repair and replacement, installation of reinforced concrete pipe, cleaning of three culverts and six concrete box culverts. A temporary detour was constructed at the 24th Street intersection.

Permanent (Long-Term) Repairs

US34B 2

Long-term repairs will include riprap at the existing bridge abutments, extension of two existing concrete box culverts, and will complete the permanent tie-in with US 34 by pass. The roadway tie-in with US 34 bypass will include shoulder widening, improved side slope grading and new guardrail.

Estimated Timeline

  • Estimated Design Start: Summer 2015
  • Estimated Construction Start: Spring 2017

Estimated Budget

  • $4 million to $10 million


One of the goals in the repair process is to introduce certain betterments (improvements beyond bringing the road to standard) to roadway facilities that were damaged and make them more resilient to similar storm events in the future. Having analyzed the damage caused during the flood event, certain design elements will be incorporated in an effort to prevent or lessen the severe damage that significant flood events can cause. At this site installing reliever bridges will prevent potential damage caused by overtopping of the roadway in future flood events.


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