SH 67 Bridge Replacement

Image 3This project will consist of a new bridge to replace the K-16-W timber bridge which was located on SH 67 in Fremont County, 5 miles north of Wetmore and 6 miles south of Florence.  K-16-W was damaged beyond repair on July 31, 2012, and demolished in August.  A two-lane temporary detour bridge adjacent to the original bridge site was constructed in August to keep SH 67 open until the replacement bridge is in place.  Additional work will include drop structures and other improvements to stabilize the drainage channel, HMA pavement, bridge rail and guardrail.

Photos of the original structure and channel are provided in Project Photos in the Quick Links to the left.

This project will be delivered using a modified design-build process.  Project information, including the procurement schedule, will be provided on this webpage and updated as new information is received.