Alternatives Development

The project team, with public input and after the August 22, 2012, Public Open House, finalized the Level 3 alternatives evaluation with the identification of the preferred alignment for the Environmental Assessment. The information at the links below provide more detail for each level of evaluation, including the identification of Alternative 3 as the preferred alignment.

Details about the prior Level 2 evaluation are documented in the Level 2B/C Evaluation FAQs below.

Level 2B/C Evaluation FAQs

Details about evaluation of alternatives presented by stakeholders are documented in the FAQs below.

Stakeholder Alternatives FAQs August 2012

Details about the identification of the preferred alignment are document in the FAQs below and other Build Alternative elements are in the documents below.

Preferred Alignment FAQs September 2012.pdf

Preferred Alignment Article, Sept 10, 2012.pdf

Intersection at 6th and Laurel and New Pedestrian Bridge, Press Release, December 12, 2012

6th & Laurel Intersection Evaluation Process Brief, Oct. 2013

8th Street Detour Coordination, Oct. 2013

Bicycle/Pedestrian Connection (Two Rivers Trail to 6th Street) Brief, Nov. 2013

Grand Avenue Bridge Piers Downtown Brief, Nov. 2013

A descriptive graphic of the current Build Alternative is available here.

Pedestrian Ramp/Elevator Ad, December 17, 2013

Pedestrian Ramp/Elevator City Council Packet, December 19, 2013

Pedestrian Ramp-Elevator Decision Brief, Feb. 2014.pdf