Public Involvement

A Public Hearing was held on November 19, 2014

Thanks to everyone who attended the November 19, 2014 public hearing for the SH 82/Grand Avenue Bridge Environmental Assessment. Click here for more information.

CDOT and FHWA extend our gratitude to the greater Glenwood Springs community that has shown a high level of interest in the SH 82 Grand Avenue Bridge Environmental Assessment. A complete listing of the public outreach involvement activities can be found here (PDF).

Beginning November 2011, members of the study team had one-on-one contact with approximately 3,000 stakeholders through an array of outreach activities, including, but not limited to:

  • 5 SH 82 Grand Avenue Bridge Public Open Houses (an average of 90 attended each).
  • 10 SH 82 Grand Avenue Bridge Stakeholder Working Group Workshops (an average of 30 attended each).
  • 2 open houses held jointly with the DDA and CDOT.
  • 2 open forums hosted by the Glenwood Springs Chamber.
  • Meetings with more than 30 business owners in the study area.
  • One-on-one meetings with more than 35 individual stakeholders.
  • 30 meetings and workshops with elected and public officials.
  • 8 event displays, plus 2012 and 2013 Strawberry Days and weekly Downtown Farmers Markets.
  • 20 civic and community group meetings.
  • 13 meetings with City of Glenwood Springs staff and emergency service providers.

Updated project information was published in several media outlets. This resulted in letters, emails, and phone calls with ideas, suggestions, and opinions about the process and the alternatives; several ideas have shaped the options and alternatives. The Project Leadership Team endorsed the process and supported how we used the input provided to the project team; and an Independent Peer Review by discipline experts concluded that we examined all feasible alternatives and retained the best ones for further study.