Phase I

Phase 1 MapPHASE 1, January-February 2016, construction included: 

  • Removing restrooms and existing walls under bridge 
  • Installing temporary wall for caisson/substructure work on eastbound I-70 
  • Installing temporary wall and excavate for caissons between railroad tracks and Seventh Street. 
  • Installing caissons between railroad tracks and Seventh Street, including load test of east caisson 
  • Installing temporary walkway on vehicle bridge 
  • Installing southern causeway down to pier locations near river (must be done by March 1) 
  • Starting temp shoring wall/excavation on north abutment pedestrian bridge 
  • Starting temp shoring wall/excavation on north abutment vehicle bridge 
  • Installing pedestrian walkway to shoring wall from vehicle bridge to Sixth Street 
  • Constructing cul-de-sac near east end of Glenwood Hot Springs parking lot in anticipation of closing parking lot
  • Switching pedestrian traffic over river and I-70 to temporary walkway, concluding Phase 1 construction
  • Expected traffic and pedestrian impacts during Phase 1 included: 
  • Pedestrian access in its existing configuration in the downtown and Hot Springs area, with the exception of the sidewalk along the south side of Seventh Street under the bridge
  • Closure of the Hot Springs Pool parking lot from early February 2016 until late January 2018 (Temporary Hot Springs parking at former Big Horn Toyota lot on Sixth Street and next to Sioux Villa Curio) 
  • River Street (frontage road between the Hot Springs Pool and I-70) remaining open with some occasional closures for placement of the temporary walkway, until the closure of the Hot Springs Pool parking lot (followed by the closure of River Street)
  • Continued access to Sixth Street, Laurel Street and Highway 82 on the west side of the Hot Springs Pool in its existing configuration 
  • One-lane closures on eastbound I-70 starting in mid-January to install the temporary wall and platform on which the pedestrian bridge and traffic bridge will be constructed. All lanes remained open on westbound I-70, but there were a few night closures of the westbound lanes for the installation of the temporary pedestrian walkway. 
  • Seventh Street had single lane closures required for construction of substructure at pier 6. Intermittent full closures were needed for material delivery, concrete pours, ingress/egress and to safely perform the work.
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