Crack Sealing on US 160 & CO 145

Project Facts

  • Cost: $234,000
  • Contractor(s): A-1 Chipseal-Rocky Mountain Pavement LLC
  • Locations:
    1. US 160 from the east end of Cortez to the top of Mancos Hill (mile points 40 to 61.88)
    2. CO 145 from Sapit to Society Turn roundabout (mile points 80.71 to 71.44)
  • Timeline: October - November 2017
US 160 CO 145 Crack Seal Map

From Monday, Oct. 23, 2017, to May 2018, crews sealed cracks on two roadways:

  1. US Highway 160 in Montezuma County—Near the Cortez city limit to five miles east of Mancos; and

  2. Colorado Highway 145 in San Miguel County—One like west of Sawpit to the Society Turn roundabout, west of Telluride.

Specifically, crews placed heated sealant into cracks along edges of each highway's lanes. This work will extend the pavement's lifespan by preventing water seeping into and eroding the roads.