Project FAQs

US 24 Buena Vista Enhancement Project FAQs 

How is the roadway different?
The enhancements related to the project have changed US 24 for all modes of transit, ranging from motorists and bicyclists to pedestrians. Motorists benefit from new, distinct turn pockets along the middle of the highway, increasing safety and streamlining the commute for all involved. The dedicated driveways create a clearer route for motorists to access the many restaurants and businesses along US 24.

The resurfacing treatment on the highway required some additional smoothing. Any irregularities were ground down and may have caused a shading contrast, although the surface now has a smoother profile in its entirety. The surface color will gradually weather to a more consistent appearance

What kind of right of way do bicyclists have?
Bicyclists now have their own defined northbound and southbound lanes, which are marked by green paint. The addition of the bike lanes adheres to creating a multi-modal environment for the residents of Buena Vista.

Bicyclists must abide by the same rules as motorists, including; signaling when turning, coming to a complete stop at stop signs and stoplights, and adhering to right-of-way laws. However, since the bike lanes are the outermost lanes of US 24, motorists must be aware and pay close attention to the locations of all bicyclists.

This is especially important when motorists are making a right-hand turn. Please use caution and take a moment to make sure a bicyclist isn't in your desired path. View CDOT's "SHARE THE ROAD" Bike Lane flier, and the Town of Buena Vista's flier.

What's different about the intersection at US 24 and Main Street?
The project revamped Buena Vista's main intersection by erecting new light poles and upgrading the traffic signals. The new signals improve the functionality of the intersection for emergency services, allowing them to control the light signals and move through the intersection in a safe and efficient fashion.

Green turn lanes, specifically designed for bicyclists, have also been installed at this intersection at Main Street and US 24. Motorists must be courteous when bicyclists are using the lanes to make a left turn maneuver onto US 24. Both motorists and bicyclists should exercise caution when traveling through the intersection, as pedestrians may also be present.

What do I do at the pedestrian crosswalks?
Pedestrians also benefit, as evidenced by the four new crosswalks at various locations throughout the town. New five-foot sidewalks also replace some of the original walkways, including some of the narrow dirt trails that previously existed along the highway.

An especially notable improvement to US 24 is the installation of four new pedestrian crosswalks. When pedestrians want to cross the roadway, they'll press a button at any of the designated crossings to activate the flashing beacons. The public is reminded that, by state law, motor vehicles are required to always yield to pedestrians, regardless of whether the yellow beacons are flashing or not. For safety, the pedestrian always has the right-of–way. Pedestrians are encouraged to cross in a safe yet efficient manner. Pedestrians also need to exercise caution when using the crosswalks. After pressing the crossing button, pedestrians are advised to wait a few moments to make sure motorists are stopped or are preparing to stop. In these situations, eye contact between drivers and pedestrians is very important! Pedestrians are also advised to cross the highway only at the designated crossing points for the safety of all parties.