Project Facts

US 24 Right of Way

Project Overview

  • Enhancement of US 24 over approximately three miles, from mile point (MP) 209.8 to MP 212.9
  • Reconstruction of US 24 from Mill Street to Crossman Avenue (approximately 4,000 feet)
  • Asphalt resurfacing north of Crossman Avenue and south of Mill Street
  • Cottonwood Creek structure repair and reenforcement

Project Highlights

On US 24 between Crossman Avenue and Mill Street, the project is designed to improve or enhance the following:



Five-foot-wide sidewalks (both sides of the highway) Upgrading the gravel trails and narrow sidewalks to create a safe place for pedestrians to walk along the highway
Dedicated bike lanes (both sides of the highway) Giving cyclists a clear place to travel along the highway
Creating a multi-modal-friendly highway environment
New pedestrian crossings and ADA ramps Increasing safety with more pedestrian crossing areas and updated ADA ramps at each intersection for wheel chair
Four concrete medians Providing a clear division between the lanes of the highway and creating a safe place for pedestrians to wait while crossing the highwway
Additional street lights Increasing the lighting of the street by adding three new lights for a safer nighttime environment
When complete, there will be 17 street lights along US 24.
Storm sewer lines; new drainage inlets at City Market Reducing flooding near City Market
Traffic signal upgrade Improving the functionality of the traffic signal for emergency services
Left and right turn pockets at Main Street and US 24 Providing a safe place for turning vehicle to wait while turning on to Main Street

Construction Timing

The construction project will begin the second week of August 2016 and is scheduled for completion in mid-June 2017. The project will begin on the north side of town in the west lanes.

Augst 2016 - June 2017
In-town reconstruction of the highway

December 2016 - March 2017
Winter break - No work

March - June 2017
Repaving north and south of town

Funding Sources

The construction project will cost $6.5 million. There are several sources of these funds, including:

  • CDOT: More than $3.045 million
  • Town of Buena Vista: $469,700
  • RAMP Access Grant: $1.997 million

Buena Vista Contributions

    • Street lighting
    • Gravity wall
    • Bridge railing

  • Storm water drainage inlets near City Market

New Span of the Highway

In town, the new width of the highway will span approximately 61 feet. The expansion allows for a 5-foot-wide concrete sidewalk.

Parking in Town

This project will create approximately 30 parking spaces, making parking clearer and more accessible.

  • 9-10 parallel parking spaces on Charles Street
  • 22-23 spaces will be available on US 24, including some near the parks
US 24 Funding Chart

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